Yogoloth's Lair

I'm Yogoloth, a usually friendly dragon gryphon hybrid from Nottingham, England. Being a hybrid means I have some dragon traits from my mother and some gryphon traits from my father. But I don't mind just being called a dragon.

As you can probably tell from my clothing, I'm a middle ages dragon. But I'm pretty familiar with modern technology and the Internet (I have this website for a start!).

One of the many things I enjoy is having my photograph taken! If you happen to have any photographs of me then please send them over to me (via Twitter, Telegram or Email would be awesome!) so I can add them to my photo gallery. If you are also in the photo and want me to blur out your face before posting it then just let me know.

You can also get hold of me for any other reason via Telegram, Twitter or Email, check the bottom of this page for my account details.

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You might have found or even been given some of my dragon and gryphon coins and are wondering what to do with them! Well, you don't have to do anything, they're yours to keep or give away as you see fit!

I know it's a bit weird for a dragon to give away some of his hoard, but I'm half gryphon remember, so that hoarding instinct isn't quite as strong for me. I'm a generous dragon.

As you can see, I have rather a large hoard of gold and silver coins. Currently there are just two types, the dragon gold coin and the silver gryphon coin. They're pretty rare, only 2,000 dragon gold coins exist and 1,000 gryphon silver coins.

I don't plan on making my more silver gryphons coins in the future, I'll probably pick another animal to do on the back of future silver coins. I'll keep on making more gold dragon coins for as long as I keep giving them out.


8/4/2018 meet convention

Meets, Conventions and Dragon Gold

It's been a busy start to the year for this dragon. It looks like I've been roped into co-running the local fur meets here in Nottingham! Well... not exactly roped in, I kind of volunteered. I only have myself to blame. XD

I'm a bit of a sad dragon right now though. Megaplex was supposed to be this month, but I've had to push it back to next year (probably). I definitely still want to go, but this year I'll just have to stick to Confuzzled (which was awesome by the way) and ScotiaCon (which is all booked and I'm ready to go).

I've really been enjoying giving out free dragon gold (and now silver) to all the lovely people I meet. If you're lucky to have some, then that's awesome! I hope you like it. I'll have plenty to give out at ScotiaCon and any other conventions and meets I head to.
4/7/2018 convention 2018

Confuzzed, Megaplex and beyond!

It's been a busy start to the year and I've not really had time to stop and think! XD

Scotiacon was fantastic fun and will really try to go again this year, especially as this year's theme is medieval! I should fit right in. Have a look in the art gallery to see a couple of pictures from Scotiacon.

Megaplex is looking more and more likely and Confuzzled is all booked and I'm ready to go. I hope to see you there!
10/20/2017 convention meet 2018

Plans for 2018

So far I only have firm plans for Confuzzled in Birmingham, England in May 2018. If I enjoy ScotiaCon in November this year then I will almost certainly go again in 2018.

I would also love to go to AnthroCon again next year, but if I do, then I don't get to visit anywhere new in the US! So I'm very likely to try for Megaplex in Florida. There are also other conventions and meet ups in the UK which I would love to try as well.

Claws crossed!

Yogoloth's Lair

I also really like getting art of myself drawn. In person I'm human sized, but I'm normally a big four legged dragon with huge wings! So my art usually shows me like that.

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